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“Imperium et Nihil” Diphenidine
“Imperium et Nihil”

I’ve taken 110mg but this trip seemed reasonably strong and more than before I really felt the potential of Diphenidine.


4.40pm 90mg Diphenidine

6.30 Vague hum starts and a sort of menthol feeling percolates through me.

6.50 neutral head space and sedately numb, awareness of my face and the audible-felt buzz.

7.15 I relax on the bed; the whole scene seems slightly artificial and somewhat removed; things strike me as abstract; the bluer toned light from the hall is juxtaposed against the yellower light in the room in a set of angles and lines that constitutes the door, frame and the rooms corners, like some geometrically slightly unfathomable water colour. I feel very calm, some part of me is turned off so that things disregarded or taken for granted present themselves for consideration, all normality’s normality reappraised in some weirdly matter-of-fact way like I am a stranger to my own circumstance. The cushions on the floor look like bloated stomachs. It all feels so silent yet my greatest awareness is of the hum, which seems to represent just being. The duvet is formed of pink marshmallow. Cloth folds are vivid, beautiful? Perhaps, but it is art devoid of feeling.

I sit downstairs, unreal; a play on the radio suggests the 1920’s. I am at peace, life is around me but not of me or mine. I’m an automaton, I can just sit in this picture of my world – the room, the radio, a cat – no feelings, just associated things. Blank, simply here, experiencing everything that is richly itself. Striking and colourful but I have no particular reaction; I am a robot. The bookcase looks crazy – like a visual mesh, woods and animals of folklore, the crossings of branch and antler. Head gently clamped, face numb, I am not real.

8.00 Moving to the bedroom, I turn off all sources of light. It’s just a dark texture. Do I exist? The hum chunk-chunk-chunks like a machine. It is the drone of eternity. There is a sense of amoebic movement and space. I could be here forever; nothing can touch me, frozen in this moment that goes on and on and on. There is no need to move from here. It feels something of a revelation; I see the danger of such a seductive freedom from the processes of a life one doesn’t need any part of, a conscious non-existence.

Perhaps an hour and I am coming down fairly quickly, which is an easy smooth progress. A good experience with a pleasing duration and I am able to sleep without problem or medicating at bedtime.
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
been really pushing this lately. tolerance is a bitch though. i truly am a seedy dissio lover at heart. i can feel all the signs i had back when i had a little dissio problem creeping back but doesnt seem as abuse-able as illegals
had some of the most amazing Attenborough sessions. full immersion running with the wolves and diving with whales. deep .sea exploration

been going in at 120mg with 50mg redoses every couple hours. amazing compound. feel like im traveling the world but never leaving the bed.
highly advisable to start very low and find your sweet spot. duration seems to be around 3-5 hours

my advice would be to to slowly and carefully find your spot, it suits laying down watching wildlife (but thats just me)

going to leave this as a stub and if i remember will edit to make a TR (its something i can never put in to words though)

this is not a party compound.
im off back to talk to to polar bears 
I have some of this in my little drawer, sitting there, begging to be tested. It's been there for a while, and it's growing impatient. As you both appear to be relatively old hands with this chem, I wonder if either or both of you could add to my elementary research?

1. What do you reckon the threshold dose is for you (assuming no tolerance)?

2. At what dose do you start to lose functionality, and/or, your condition become noticeable in a social setting?

3. Do you think that a micro-dose would be of any value, or provide any sort of positive buzz or experience?

4. Xochpilli.... two hours for onset? That seems to be a long time. Is that your normal experience with this?
“If the words 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' don't include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn't worth the hemp it was written on.” ~ Terence McKenna
xoch's description is about as well as anyone can probably describe this chem. no feelings, but no worries, its what i imagine nirvana would be!! you just, are. and thats all ok. i think the stripping of worry and emotion has a lot to do with the addictiveness of chems like this, but then again i used to have a huge K problem. last night was my 4th night on the trot so will try lay off for a while now. 

1. threshold for me was 50mg which produced a zen like calm/emptiness. back when i had small to no tolerance. 

2. Id abandon all hope of functionality. it just goes out the window. iv no idea how i managed to type that above while i was so fucked up and passed ou about 30 min after. 

3. i worked up slowly to 50mg, as yu should too. i found no effects 'till i crossed dipen's line in the sand. and then it was the calm empty void for an hour or so.

4. an hour before any effects at all is very normal for me. i usually can knock 15/20 mins off that time if i hold my relatively large dose in my mouth and sublingual before i swallow it. it tastes fucking awful though and the taste lingers for a long time. 

Be careful, this shits fucking weird!!! (in the best way)
Hi 6dream, I've checked and my first dose was 40mg "pretty mild but noticable oddness for about 4hrs .... antidepressant depressant effect..slight stim..." so on.

As for functionality; not sure I'd be keen to try this type of drug socially; I have here and there become chatty and not majorly unfunctional but that's in the context of speaking to my other half and slopping around the house; like Tizzy say I'd assume your not functional in a normal setting; mostly I've ended up in bed for most of it.

Microdoses possibly have some value depending what your after; I have noted antidepressant effects - quite excited a friend is involved with research on NMDA dissos and depression at the mo. Also it is an antitussive like DXM. The major caveat is this is a RC; there are known antitussives and it's not something to be lightly attempted for depression so I really would suggest attempting to cure anything with it, it's more an interesting field of enquiry.

A couple of hours to really kick off doesn't seem abnormal
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
Thanks, appreciated. It's not something I will be entering the public arena under the influence of, for sure, but I like to have a handle on how debilitated I am likely to be before consuming anything. I particularly like the sound of the relative short trip life and lack of residue stim, which make it highly convenient for early evening research. 
“If the words 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' don't include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn't worth the hemp it was written on.” ~ Terence McKenna
Well I am sure it's massively debillitating at high doses but if your sensible and work your doses up you should have no problems; at this level I was able to walk about fine and describe what was happening and the like without difficulty but definatly wouldn't want to be pushed into a social situation, it's quite internal.
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
This isnt an "in public" chem. not at all. 
while you probably could get away with it, and its not scary - you feel in control, its way more appreciable indoors. 

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