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bk-2C-B experiences/TRs
26-09-2013, 10:20 PM (This post was last modified: 26-09-2013 10:30 PM by mela.)
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bk-2C-B experiences/TRs
105mg bk-2C-B, light lunch 3hrs earlier.

t = 0: 105mg Oral. Lovely sunny afternoon, so not expecting visual delights. But too good to pass - great set and setting :)
t =30: not much at this point
t =60: first alerts, little tingles/chills and slight restlessness. HR increase felt. Music is starting to sound awesome
t =90: feeling some stimmy effects, increase in temp, tightness in throat, mood heightening, maybe minor visuals in periphery, some gastric churning (poop time)
t =105: feeling great, smooth energetic euphoria, music awesome, urge to move, lol - funkin away :) got the moves like an ageing raver :/
t =120: Oopsie, lost myself for a minute there - perhaps time distortion but minor TR fail either way :/ As above - nice and smooth, tingles/chills here and there. Upped the music pace...stupid grin on cakehole :D Any visual aspect is minor at this point. But no surprise dose- or setting-wise.
t =150: can sense visual background, but minor. As before - smooth but stimmed, warm euphoria. Nice.
t =180: clearly plateauing. As before. Pulled into Real Life™ stuff for a while :/ Easily handled at this level. Chance for empathogenic effects to shine :D
t =210: as before. Desperate urge to dive back into musical bliss :/
t =240: feeling some pins & needles in hands/fingers, neck tension. Yawns appearing, generally as before but stimmy edge waning (could be change in setting), perhaps on the downslope?
t =270: still pins & needles, some minor chest-pain, but nothing concerning. As before - now diving back into music. Hopefuly will lift me somewhat (damn neighbours and their random crap!)
t =300: much better, pushy tunes :D Amazing views - just taking it all in :) as before otherwise, but now got some push back. Clear musical synergy :)
t =330: Won't reach earlier stimmy heights, but still nice warm euphoria. Music is blissful. Dozens of swifts flying above my head :D Sunset is gonna be lush :) Think defo downslope at this point.
t =360: brrrr! Sunset is awesome but need to wrap up. Definite downslope. Still feelin good, Jaki Liebezeit is godly :D, but can feel the effects waning :( However, as sun goes down the visual angle starts to shine through :)
t =390: As above, visual angle is clearer now. Just had an awesome hug :D Effects waning. Chill brings on some neck tension.
t =420: Must munch - as always when playing in this zone: nice & spicy. Gorgeous :D visual effects much clearer - tracers, minor morphing etc
t =450: smoothly sliding to baseline, still some visuals
t =480: off for snuggles and cuddles - transmission over :D
t = 10.5hrs: still minor visuals and body high effects going. Uhmm, nice erotic downslope here, lol.

In sum: hell yes :D excellent and typical 'morning' afterglow (well, what I normally expect in this zone). lovely jubbly :D


153mg bk-2C-B, light lunch several hours earlier

t = 0
t +45m: First alerts. Some tingles, tightness in throat, HR increase.
t +60m: Mood heightening, tingly scalp, notable chills, minor peripheral visuals
t +90m: Feels like I’ve got troll hair, lol - hair standing on end :) generally tingling all over, visuals kicking in – colour enhancement & shiny gloss, slight morphing. Silly grin time :D
t +120m: Feeling great. Mood is very positive and euphoric. Increasing visuals at this point – unlike many PEAs (i.e., fluid style) – typical tracer/trails, morphing. Major entactogenic effects (as above: hairs on end, major tingles). Empathogenic effects (lovely cuddly, lol). Smooth warm stimulation – more stimulating that at 100mg (duh!).
t +150m: as before – reaching plateau? All tingle tings tingle :D Warm euphoric stimulation. Minimal headfuck – pretty clear-minded with some time distortion, mental playfulness, and scattiness.
t+180m: boy comes home – phew, think I handled that well :| although he was wondering why I thought the Inbetweeners was super-hilarious, lol. Send him to get McD’s haha (love eating on plateau). Generally as before, some neck tension. TR is gonna get a bit messy as time becomes a bit flexible :/ so take times with some error bars from here, lol.
t+195m: Go outside to enjoy the views as twilight is somewhat clear with a strip of clouds above horizon - amazing rolling, morphing, and swirling clouds :D somewhat ominous, lol – ‘tis the gloaming after all. Bloody freezing too! But nice to just take it all in :)
t+210m: Ate McD’s nom nom :D Major OEVs psychedelia (morphing, trails etc), with no major headfuck or loopsicles. No notable CEVs – sort of wispy :/ (well, I couldn’t initiate anything major – either fractal-style or dreamscape). Easily hold convo with son. Warm euphoria.
t+240m: food seems to kick up a wave of visuals. But clearly plateau. As before – good visual psychedelia with no major headfuck. Warm euphoria, empathogenic and entactogenic effects.
t+360m: as before really
t+480m: as before.
t+540m: generally as before, visuals appear to be settling but still notable. Stimulation is fading somewhat and the experience becomes a tad more sledgy/dreamy – but sleep unlikely for a while. Hit the sack for some cuddles and snuggles :D Seem to be able to initiate some CEVs at this point :/
t+660m: somewhere around here actually fall asleep (~7am) until 11am-12pmish.
t+960m (1pm): still not baseline on waking – some residual minor visual psychedelia (minor trials, some morphing). In pretty good mood. Took me around 15mins to figure out if baseline or not, lol. Think I made the comment: ‘I’ve lost my baseline. If found please return’ :D
t+1080m (~3pm): finally feel as if baseline has been reached. A little tired and drained. But feel generally OK. No afterglow at this point – but would put this down to external stuff.

tl;dr summary
Excellent. The increased dose obviously enhanced the psychedelia, but also the entactogenic and stimulatory effects. It does appear to have longer legs than I would have expected.

Retrospective: this is the canine's gonads :D

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26-09-2013, 10:25 PM
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RE: bk-2C-B experiences/TRs
Oh Mela, you've got my wee toesies tingling with excitement for this one!

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26-09-2013, 10:40 PM
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RE: bk-2C-B experiences/TRs
Sounds lush  8^)

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26-09-2013, 11:10 PM
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RE: bk-2C-B experiences/TRs
Wonder if the dose needing to be higher helps to accentuate the empathogenic and stimulant aspect of this.
I've always felt some empathogenic effects from some of the psychedelic PEAs/amphets but only really shined when the doses were higher, usually when they were the less potent analogs.
This sounds like it may be quite a beautiful compound indeed. Hopefully plenty of vendors pick it up soon, i am really excited to give this one a go.
Lovely reports mela.

My posts here are ludicrous manifestations of my vivid imagination. Stories are like gateways into the world of those portrayed. I'm living vicariously thru the experiences of those  characters by telling their storiy.
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27-09-2013, 01:54 PM (This post was last modified: 27-09-2013 04:49 PM by mela.)
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RE: bk-2C-B experiences/TRs
nice TR. how would you say it it compare to 25b?
27-09-2013, 04:59 PM
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RE: bk-2C-B experiences/TRs
25b is more typically psychedelic, IMO (stunningly colourful and visual). bk-2C-B has better empathogenic and entactogenic effects, and is more euphoric in general.

Calling on old memories, the stimulation is also more pronounced with bk-2C-B (indeed, has a bit of an adrenergic tail, IMO). However, at the higher doses and with the appearance of my inner drugpig, I would suggest not underestimating the psych angle of it - navigating a bending, vibrating, and warping corridor is slightly challenging :D

I like both - but comparing a comparable set and setting (which I can) - I had much greater fun on bk-2C-B :D (perhaps the duration is its one major weakness).

ickle-old-me's opinion...will be the best RC on the scene (enjoy it way, way more than anything out there). However, these sort of chems are what float my boat (so YMMV).

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27-09-2013, 05:06 PM
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RE: bk-2C-B experiences/TRs
long legs indeed.. nice reports Mela..

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27-09-2013, 06:10 PM (This post was last modified: 27-09-2013 06:14 PM by ferret.)
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RE: bk-2C-B experiences/TRs
I like the sound of this, and I hope it and maybe some similar variations become more widely available. I'm a relative newcomer to the RC scene so missed out by a long way on the compounds that this is an analogue of. I'm half tempted to start putting some of my money in CW's direction despite their so-so prices, just so I can apply for their advanced list ;)

edit: just visited their site and I see they have a 15% discount code until the end of the month. Maybe now's the time :)
27-09-2013, 08:04 PM (This post was last modified: 27-09-2013 08:08 PM by Xochipilli.)
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RE: bk-2C-B experiences/TRs
Thanks Mela - Very interesting - I think this is or nearly is the first report on this substance; after LSZ looking a bit of a dead end I'm really excited we have a whole new potential family to explore, and based on this, at easy/safe to meassure doses (even if that proves more costly); I really hope vendors jump on this and it's siblings; shame it looks 11 hours long - I always seem to max the duration on most things - some shorties would be nice


I find the vast majority of psyches somewhat anorexic and simple food rather than junk food best and in very small quantity since it seems to sit there like a ball of wool not digesting well; are you suggesting this is actually a slightly foodie psyche or don't you have this problem ? 

What was the drugs character roughly - was it pretty much PEA-like? (I know this covers a broad  range of distinct flavours) 

Lastly, you nodded off (t+660m) - I have never found a psychedlic I could remotely fall asleep on Any comment?

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
27-09-2013, 08:37 PM
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RE: bk-2C-B experiences/TRs
(27-09-2013 08:04 PM)Xochipilli Wrote:  Questions:

I find the vast majority of psyches somewhat anorexic and simple food rather than junk food best and in very small quantity since it seems to sit there like a ball of wool not digesting well; are you suggesting this is actually a slightly foodie psyche or don't you have this problem ? 

I've always loved eating on the plateau of psychs - mainly aim for a superspice mouth explosion - just another assault on the senses :)

Never had issues eating on Psych-PEAs (well, I can think of a couple I can't). Indeed, I find it helps kicks-up visuals when plateauing (assume it gives pharmacokinetics/metabolism a push or summit). I tend to fast beforehand as much as possible, so I get get hungry eventually, lol.

Quote:What was the drugs character roughly - was it pretty much PEA-like? (I know this covers a broad  range of distinct flavours)

Stimulating entactogenic psychedelic might be a good term.

Quote:Lastly, you nodded off (t+660m) - I have never found a psychedlic I could remotely fall asleep on Any comment?

Of course, 660m is 11 hours into the experience! And the previous hour was sexy times :D

I'd put the duration in the 12hrish zone (+ or - depending on dose).

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